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Autumn is for … leafing through books, collecting falling leaves on country walks and drinking coffee to keep warm…

In Italy school has gone back or is going back this week (it depends on where you live). So, if the kids are studying, then adults too should start to focus on their study and self-improvement goals. For many that means enrolling on a new language course, either as a beginner or an improver. But, how do you decide which language course is right for you?
Obviously you need to focus on why you want to learn and how you like to learn. Try thinking about these questions and then find out if the language course/school you are interested can offer you the appropriate atmosphere, quality and environment.

1. Do I prefer to study by myself or in a group?
2. If ‘in a group’, then what is the maximum number of people I would be comfortable with?
3. If ‘by myself’, do I enjoy face-to-face contact with a real human being or am I happy to go online and interact
4. Would I like a mixture of both the above options?
5. Are the qualifications of the teachers important to me or would I just like to speak the language with anyone
happy to help me?
6. Do I want to learn with a native speaker (mother tongue)?
7. Do I want to get an official qualification?
8. Do I require a city-centre location or am I happy travel?
9. If I have to travel to my course – how far am I willing to go?
10. Do I want to sit in a traditional classroom or would I be happy in a more relaxed environment?
11. Which is more important to me, the social aspect or the actual language input and practice?
12. How much time can I devote to this activity – in class and at home?

When you have thought about these questions (and there are many more you may think of depending on your circumstances), then you are ready to contact a language course provider and do not be afraid to ask them as many questions as you like. They are there to help you!
(PS don’t forget to compare prices!)