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Cool, chilly, cold, freezing – watch out the temperature is going down, down, down!  Just when we thought Spring was round the corner, along comes an icy blast – The Beast from the East as they are calling it – and woah! It’s gone all cold again – colder than the rest of winter put together.  It began on Monday with brisk winds and flurries of snow – as tiny snowflakes fell slowly from the sky, the wind caught them and whooshed them sideways across the countryside and across the roads – blowing them right into our faces and down our necks.  The sight of snow scudding across the road in the light of the cars’ headlamps was quite eerie in the dark.  Things calmed down on Tuesday, but then on Wednesday heavy white skies hung over us and we woke this morning to a whiter, quieter world.  Peaceful, but dangerous on the roads. Let’s not get in our cars unless the roads ahead are clear – safe not sorry is best.  Here is wonderful photo from the European Space Agency – sign up to their newsletter for amazing photos in your inbox every day: